H.B. 9, “Climate Action Now Act” – Too Little, Too Late

Congress Legislation News

Today the House introduced H.B. 9, the Climate Action Now Act. Trying to make it look like they are doing something, Nancy “Green Dream” Pelosi stood along with Select Committee Chair Kathy “Not Giving Up My Fossil Fuel Donations” Castor and Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Frank “Corporate PACs Fund My Existence” Pallone to tsk tsk at the Trump Administration about withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords

So this big “Action Now” Plan only does two things: Withholds any funding for withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, and (2) demands that Trump send the Congress its report, required under the Agreement, for its plan to meet the Paris goals and obtain results from other Paris members as to their progress.

The Paris Agreement is pretty well already known to be the weakest possible agreement that could be achieved. First, the goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 26-28% below 2005 levels (which are already elevated) by 2025. Nothing says how we need to do that.

Second, the Paris Agreement is VOLUNTARY. Compliance is VOLUNTARY. There is no blowback, repercussion, nothing, if any party doesn’t meet its goals.

Pelosi and Pals know VERY WELL that Trump isn’t gonna do a thing. So, thanks for the posturing Pelosi. If you’re going to introduce something knowing it’s going nowhere, why not ACTUALLY be bold? WHy not put something out there that shows you mean to actually reduce carbon emissions. Why not put out a plan to PRICE CARBON? To cut fossil fuel subsidies? To dramatically increase renewable subsidies?

Pelosi and Pals ensure that climate protection remains a “green dream” with this kind of bogus “boldness”. Tell your grandkids how you “helped”, as the emissions skyrocket and global mean temp is already on track to shoot up to 4 degrees C.